Disability Insurance

Is it possible for Newmarket residents on long-term disability to go on vacation?

Many of us have been yearning to get out of Omicron’s shadow after two years of being confined by pandemic limitations. Newmarket’s long-term disabled residents are included in this.

However, those on long-term disability (LTD) may be wondering if they can leave Canada while on LTD. And will my disability benefits be affected if I travel?

While on long-term disability, you want to make sure that your travel plans do not affect your recuperation and that you meet your insurance policy’s restrictions.

Consider the following actions

Check Your Insurance Policy

A restriction on travel outside of the country may be listed in your insurance policy. Depending on your disability insurance provider, you may be required to tell them if you plan to travel outside of Canada for more than a few days.

If you’re able to travel, your disability insurance company can argue that you’re able to return to work. Before you depart, double-check that any medical forms or documentation you’ve been given are complete.

Obtain a Travel Medical Clearance from Your Physician

Be sure to consult with your doctor before making travel arrangements.

Your doctor may be asked by your insurance company to ensure that traveling is safe and does not interfere with your treatment plan. A doctor can confirm that leaving the nation won’t interfere with your rehabilitation, says Samantha Share, Share Lawyers’ Assistant Managing Director. It’s imperative that this be done right away. ‘

Get in touch with your state’s Disability Claims Administrators

Contact your disability claim administrator if you have any questions about the policy’s terms and conditions. Your disability claim administrator is a smart place to start if you’re worried about traveling negatively impacting your claim, or if you can’t discover any reason why you can’t go.

Keep a Journal

You’ve been cleared to go by your doctor and insurance company, but you’re still hesitant.

If you’re unable to do the things you used to before your illness or accident, keep a record of your vacation to help soothe your anxiety. Sharing, “If the insurance company will charge you with doing something on vacation, it is a good idea to have a record of what you have done,” The fact that your daily life is affected by your impairment even if you are well enough to travel might be included in your journal as evidence of this.

Beware of social media

If your long-term disability insurance company sees pictures of your vacation on social media, they may decide to rescind your coverage. While insurance companies are always suspicious of those who claim to be sick in order to receive benefits, “rarely is a claimant feigning it,” Share explained.

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to hunt for reasons to deny your claim and cease paying your benefits. Keep your medical information private and do not discuss it publicly. The business model of an insurance firm only works if it doesn’t have to pay out claims. As soon as they begin denying claims, we step in to defend our clients’ interests.

Seek the advice of a Disability Attorney

Contact a disability lawyer in Ontario to learn more about your choices or use one of the free online tools to see whether you have a viable disability case if you have been denied benefits by your insurance provider.

Waiting longer means you’ll be without a source of money for a longer time. According to Share, “the appeal or litigation procedure can get started straight quickly with a disability lawyer.” During the course of the claim, they can also offer advice on other sources of financial assistance that may be available to the claimant.