Claims and Insurance Information

Claiming Damages from the Town of Newmarket Although property damage might be distressing and inconvenient, it is vital to note that the Town of Newmarket is not your insurance. You may, however, bring a claim against the Town of Newmarket if you feel that the Town’s upkeep of Town infrastructure, roads, trees, and sewers, or […]

Are long-term disability benefits taxable?

Long-term disability benefits are crucial to get the necessary relief during this tough period. It is also necessary to determine whether or not these payments are taxed, which depends on who pays the premium for long-term disability insurance. Employer Pays for Insurance If your company pays a portion or the full premium, your benefits will […]

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Long-Term Disability Claim Evidence

Evidence is a legal term that simply refers to information and facts that prove something to be true. In an application for long-term disability payments, the proof is necessary to show eligibility. This evidence may consist of signed paperwork, doctor’s notes, and job records. Your LTD claim should be accepted on the initial application if […]

What You Need to Know About Long-Term Disability Settlements in Ontario

The process of claiming long-term disability benefits is a thorny one. In order to evaluate if the claimed disability fits all of the criteria for long-term disability and if the injured party can or cannot return to active duty at their workplace, injured people are frequently subjected to several medical tests and interviews. A long-term […]

What You Should Know About Diabetes and Long-Term Disability Claims

Many people don’t identify diabetes and long-term disability with one another. It’s not uncommon for people with diabetes to file long-term disability claims. A diabetic’s claim for long-term disability insurance is only accepted if it is substantiated by solid medical evidence. Diabetes Is Divided Into Two Types The two most common forms of the disease […]